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Gdynia - as a Poland's own port and city was born at the begining of XX century. Today Gdynia has 250 thoustand citizens. Beautiful views, unique city's lacalisation, specify town architecture called "Gdynia's modernism" are worth seeing.

Sopot - located 5 km from Gdynia is one of the most attractive resorts of the Baltic Sea. Discovered by Jean Georges Haffner - a French doctor of Napoleon's army, now is visited by more than 2 milions tourists a year. Sopot offers wide, sandy beaches, warm and clean sea, many hotels, health resorts, shops, restaurants, and - as a greatest attraction - Europe's longest wooden pier, a charming place for walks.

Gdańsk - was created more than 1.000 years ago on the south coast of the Baltic Sea. It is a city of different cultures and nations. Gdańsk has always been the pearl of European and world history. Here was born Daniel Fahrenheit, here commenced World War II, here was born the Solidarity movement with Lech Walesa as a leader. Come to see the mediaeval Old Town, museums, monuments, the biggest brick church in Europe and gothic Cathedral in Oliva with one of the most famous rococo organs.

Historical Gdańsk, modern Gdynia and rest Sopot are called Tri-City.

Nearby there are: the Teutonic Castle in Malbork, Ostróda - Elbląg Canal, the unique water system with slipways, the beautiful land with forests and lakes called Kaszubian Lake District, and the KL Stutthof.

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Droszyńskiego str. 26/27

80-381 Gdańsk