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Westerplatte Peninsula & Gdansk Harbour by boat.
The tour starts from "Długie Pobrzeże" - a picturesque street on Motława harbour in the city center. Upon Client's request it is also possible to start from the hotel and make a 1,5 hour walk before ship's departure. For more than 1000 years of its history Gdańsk was a port town, a "Golden Gate" to the kingdom of Poland. On the way to Westerplatte you'll see the old port, the industrial area of the famous Gdańsk Shipyard, Wisloujscie Fortress and a lighthouse from the 19th century in Nowy Port district.
And finally Westerplatte - a small peninsula at the end of Port Canal, a place where World War II began. Two hundred people from the Polish Military Outpost heroically defended their country for 7 days against the overwhelming German forces. They were attacked from the land, air, and water, though this is hard to believe, especially after visiting this tiny piece of land. There is a 25m high monument from 1966 on the green hill, commemorating all those who died fighting for freedom in 1939. After visiting the area of the former Military Outpost we recommend climbing the hill to admire the view on the Gdańsk port. Many things have changed here since 1939, but the spirit of those days still remains.

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Droszyńskiego str. 26/27

80-381 Gdańsk