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The former Nazi Concentration Camp in Stutthof was established at the beginning of September 1939 and was the oldest camp of mass-extermination in Poland. The place is located about a one hour drive from Gdańsk center. The first prisoners were representatives of Polish associations in Free City of Danzig. Within the 5 years of camp existence, 120.000 of men, women and children were kept here (about a half of them were Jews). Almost 65.000 prisoners died as result of murdering in gas chambers, beating, hanging, torturing and making medical tests by mad scientists.
Stutthof was liberated at the beginning of May 1945 by the Soviet Army. Nowadays the place hosts the National Museum of Stutthof, established in 1962 including post-camp buildings, prisoners' barracks, gas chambers, crematory, gallows. There is also a permanent exhibition dedicated to the prisoners of Stutthof inside the post-camp buildings. On the back of the wall there is a Reliquary of nearly completely burnt human remains from the holocaustal stake - place where in the years of 1944 and 1945 the Nazis burnt the bodies of their victims.
It is not recommended that children under the age of 13 visit the museum.

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Droszyńskiego str. 26/27

80-381 Gdańsk