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This term is used for describing the land and people inhabiting the territory situated to the south-west of Gdańsk. Its is a land of unspoiled nature, moraine hills, picturesque lakes and pine forests. Its inhabitants - the Kashubians have very rich and original folklore, as well as their own language. Things not to be missed include:

  • the Kashubian Ethnographic Park at Wdzydze Kiszewskie - a heritage park with traditional houses, stables, windmills, a little church and a school
  • Centre for Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark. Here, you can visit an upside-down house (an amazing experience, as the up and down point of reference is quickly lost), see the world's longest wood board (registered in Guinness Book of World Records), look inside a bunker of Gryf Pomorski - a secret military organisation from World War II. Another very interesting thing is an original house brought here from Irkutsk on Siberia, to commemorate all Polish people banished there by Tsars
  • the viewpoint in Wieżyca from which you can admire beautifull hills, lakes and forests surrounding the area
  • the 14th century church of the Carthusians, famous for its roof in the shape of a coffin
  • pottery workshop at Chmielno, belonging to the Necel family

  • The tour takes all day and can be combined with a visit to a restaurant, serving traditional local cuisine. For groups we recommend an overnight stay in Kashubia and a folklore evening with music, dances, listening to stories and anecdotes plus learning some words in the local language.

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    Droszyńskiego str. 26/27

    80-381 Gdańsk